Everything to Lose

A school reunion… a time for lies, illusion, pretending life is the way you want it to be. If the four friends had been truthful that night could one of them have escaped the terrible ordeal of a packed courtroom? But each had played her part too well. Cate, the single, successful TV producer lacks the courage to risk everything to get what she really wants. Rory, the ambitious editor has overruled her partner’s doubts to have a baby before it’s too late – then pays a price she never could have foreseen. Leith gives every appearance of being happily married to her wealthy husband yet no one could guess at her shocking secret life. Judith plays the role of  devoted wife and mother but behind the façade she is close to breaking point. When offered a most unlikely lifeline she must make a decision that could cost her everything.

A gripping look at women’s lives and the high price paid for dreams that rarely come true.

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I was unable to put this book down from the moment I turned the first page. Everything to Lose is unforgettable and the reader will surely be able to relate to at least one “emotionally retarded jerk” in her life that has played on her insecurities! It’s a real book with real issues for real lives, and all about the lies that women perpetuate to cover up the potholes in their relationships. If your raison d’être is the kids, the mortgage, the car payment and a man who only thinks of himself sounds familiar, enjoy this read to discover there are others who have the same confrontations. Written with depth and a true understanding of what it takes to reach a turning point in your life. — AMAZON

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