Jennifer Bacia writes fast-paced, compelling suspense, and rich involving novels about women’s dreams, aspirations, illusions and regrets.

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A Very Public Scandal
Indecent Ambition
Never Forget Me

Everything to Lose
Best Kept Secrets
One Door Closes
The almost perfect lover


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About the Author

It was a meeting with the best-selling thriller writer, Sidney Sheldon that inspired Jennifer Bacia to write her first suspense thriller. The results were a debut author’s dream.

  • Publishers battled over the rights and the novel sold for a record-breaking advance.
  • It became an international best seller and Book Club Choice.
  • The movie rights were bought, sales were made to leading foreign publishers and Cosmopolitan magazine featured an extract.

Now the author of 8 successful novels, 2 non-fiction works and dozens of short stories, Jennifer has also written for television and had her own newspaper and magazine columns.

Her best-selling suspense thrillers, A Very Public Scandal, Indecent Ambition, Never Forget Me and Whisper Her Name are irresistible fast-paced stories featuring strong  intelligent women  set against the glamour and intrigue of international backgrounds.

Her equally gripping contemporary fiction titles include: Everything to Lose, Best Kept Secrets, The Almost Perfect Lover and One Door Closes.

Jennifer has travelled widely, lived in Rome, London and LA and is an inspiring public speaker. Her surname is pronounced ‘Batcher’.

Please note that some of Jennifer's print titles have been changed in e-book format:

E-book : Print published Pan Macmillan,
Indecent Ambition: Shadows of Power
Whisper Her Name: Angel of Honour
A Very Public Scandal: Mask of Paradise
Never Forget Me: Whisper From the Gods
One Door Closes: Table for Three
The Almost Perfect Lover: A Moment in Time

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