Indecent Ambition

Indecent Ambition

“Move over Sidney Sheldon…Gripping, highly entertaining” – Sunday Mail

A spellbinding thriller about wealth, power and one woman’s all-consuming ambition to achieve her wildest dreams.

When Lenore Hamlyn is taken in by her sympathetic landlady, she’s shocked to eventually learn the source of Nan’s wealth.

Yet that life-changing revelation fires a relentless, burning ambition.

Escaping her dangerous past, the young, naïve Lenore returns from her English finishing school as the sophisticated, enigmatic Anthea James. A woman determined to make her mark as quickly and provocatively as possible.

But the higher you go, the further there is to fall.

And with her improbable goal tantalizingly close, Anthea finds herself confronted by rich and deadly enemies. Yet the greatest danger of all comes from the only man she has ever loved. Who now has the power to destroy her.

“A rip-roaring, irresistible page-turner” – Sunday Times

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I have only just discovered this author’s work and this is the third book of hers I have read in a row. These days if a story doesn’t grab me in the first couple of pages, I don’t bother reading on but Jennifer Bacia’s stories start with a bang and all have kept me riveted to the page. Like her others I have read, Indecent Ambition is a gripping suspense tale with a wonderful romantic angle and a truly inspiring character. I really enjoyed this book and was continually surprised by the many twists and turns. — AMAZON

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