Whisper her Name

Power and privilege, duty and honour, Noella de Bartez was born to it all. Her mother was a legendary actress who gave up her career to follow the man she loved. Her father is president of a country where powerful forces are determined to overthrow him. But, still guilty from a long-ago sin, Noella no longer feels she has a rightful place in the family. Wild and wilful, she rejects the land of her birth for the temptations of Paris and London. There, her uncanny likeness to her late mother opens door to high society but also entraps her in a decadence capable of destroying all her father has worked for. Then a single, shattering event changes her life forever and Noella must find the courage to honour her family name and do her duty in her country’s darkest hours.

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I previously read, and very much enjoyed, the author’s book A Very Public Scandal. Reading this one has convinced me that her success with that novel was no fluke… I was literally captivated by this expertly written suspense tale, which kept me turning pages until it was finished late at night. This is the kind of satisfying book which furnishes you with food for thought, entertains, and leaves you wanting more. After this, I’m certain to seek out more of Jennifer Bacia’s work, as she has proven herself to be a master storyteller. — GOODREADS

Jennifer Bacia’s Whisper Her Name is a whirlwind book that ingeniously melds love, loss, religion, politics, excitement and danger – the entire range of human emotions to deliver a mind blowing tale of perseverance and victory. Wonderful read! — GOODREADS

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